well, crud.

the run felt great. i ran almost the same route that i did yesterday, with an extra street thrown in there for good measure. i ran the with Dieter dog again, and he didn’t let me down!! i thought i was truckin’ right along, mentally i’m hitting a roadblock. i realize that bouncing back from pregnancy is harder said than done, but it’s really hard to see different numbers than what i’m used to. by different numbers i mean a drastic drop in pace in both running and sprints. very discouraging. but totally worth it, if it means i get to see this darling face everyday…

i’m taking tomorrow off [i know, sounds silly having only run two WHOLE days now…] and i’m hoping i can do some readjusting, mentally. my awesome and amazing husband has been very supportive and can see me struggling with this; as always he knows the perfect things to say, so it helps out a ton!! i’ll dabble in some yoga, and definitely do some core work. also, tomorrow Biggest Loser starts back up again followed by The Good Wife! we might also make some homemade pizzas, so if all this is accomplished tomorrow it will be an amazing day. oh well, i’m sure it will be anyway!! i can’t believe it’s only tuesday!
well, crud.

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