my first attempt at yoga.

this morning and early afternoon was AWESOME!!! it’s definitely helping with the ‘mental readjustment’. i went to bed last night with a killer headache, and the sleep was few and far between [i think little one is growing]. i let myself take an extra nap while baby girl slept until about 945, and from there she was in her jumper while i did an ab workout. the ab workout was the ‘ab ripper x’ from P90X series. i saw that it was only 17 minutes and i thought, “oh cool, maybe i’ll do it twice” – needless to say, that did not happen… i could barely make it through the dvd, and even then i stopped a lot.

the past few days i’ve been wanting to try yoga, and since the little one was being super compliant i went ahead and tried it. my abs were already tight from the earlier workout, so i kept telling myself that any attempt at yoga is great, and not to be too hard on myself. i got through about 30 minutes before i had to stop and tend to the little one, and upon returning i went on again for about another 20. this workout was humbling, and i realized that i have a long way to go!
lunch was a spinach salad with cheese and cranberry vinaigrette, with a peanut butter covered banana. it lasted about 3 seconds before i scarfed down everything in sight!
it was a very successful morning, and i can’t wait to see how i’m going to feel tomorrow. i’ll be running tomorrow, hopefully more than that pesky mile!!
my first attempt at yoga.

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