Hot DOG!!!!

so! i just got back from a very quick run with this guy

and it was AWESOME. i regret not running earlier in the day. the weather was perfect [don’t tell… it was about 50 degrees, but felt just right] and i ran a brisk mile. i definitely feel as though i could have run much longer, but i was in a time crunch so i did with it what i could. from the stop sign back home, i did sprints – which dieter LOVED. we also ran through a puddle [ok, ok i chickened out but he had a blast] and didn’t stop once the entire time. i find that he is a great motivator, and i should start running with him more often.
upon my return home, i went on a cool down jog with this lady
the ‘quick cool down jog’ turned into a ‘fast walk’ which turned into a ‘leisurely stroll’ back home. this was all her idea, but it was totally fine with me. i’m glad she isn’t much of a runner, because i could have very easily picked up the pace. Shelby had a great time, and came home out of breath but with the biggest doggie smile on her face!
the dogs are so happy to get out, and i’m very grateful to have them. they always enjoy getting out, if only for a few minutes. Shelby may never complete a 5k, while Dieter sprints for the finish every time; but no matter what, they never take it too seriously. we can all learn a little something from them!!

Hot DOG!!!!

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