a new year! [and a happy post for Tiffany]

a new year, YAY!!

i will admit 2009 will be very hard to top. so instead of doing the catch all “this year will be better” resolution, this year i vow to focus on my running. this SHOULD be relatively easy to do. … however, i do need a running stroller… anyway…
i don’t know what my race schedule looks like, i would like to try at least a half marathon. when that will be, i don’t exactly know. with Husband joining the Army, i don’t know where i’ll even be over the summer, so dedicating myself to a race sounds a little silly right now. for all i know, next year at this time we could be in Turkey or we could be in Little Rock. we’ll just have to see!
so until then, i hope to keep this updated quite regularly and just have my running up to snuff. may the new year bring you happiness! … all 2 of you who read it. 😀
a new year! [and a happy post for Tiffany]