Running in the Rain

i LOVE running in the rain. there’s just something about it that really calms me, and i really enjoy being in it. i also like running hills, as crazy as that may sound. just getting out of the neighborhood is a 43 foot ascent over a measly .43 miles, but that’s where the fun ends. the run to the turn around point is almost flat [or feels that way], with a 13 foot change in elevation, all descent. about 3/4 into my run i felt a couple of raindrops here and there but nothing that i thought would turn into a storm.
well… good thing i don’t get paid for thinking.
it became a torrential downpour and i was thrilled. thank goodness for Texas weather because the rain actually felt warm – i have zero complaints about my run, it was a blast!
i have 1.75 miles on my schedule for tomorrow. i made a shoddy training program for the Turkey Trot, but we’ll see how it goes. going from 0 to 4 miles in the time span of 20 days is a risky move… i’ve never had to add miles that quickly so i’m hoping i don’t regret it. i’ve also never made a training plan on my own so i hope i didn’t just pave my own path to self destruction. i’m running a little differently; during my ‘off time’ i researched on how to have better posture during running, as well as the benefits of using various breathing techniques. i’m still not using a Garmin – for now i just want to get out and run, maybe once i have a bigger race in mind i’ll go ahead and mentally invest in the pace issue. also, i’m having a nagging pain at the epidural injection site. i don’t know if that’s common, but i notice it the most after sitting for a long time or after i’m getting out of bed. i’m crossing my fingers that it won’t start affecting my running…
the next couple of months will be a whirlwind of family visits which will be awesome! i can’t wait to see everyone; and with that said don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post until after the new year… haha, i wish i could say that i was kidding but we all know my track record!!
Running in the Rain

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