Sweet Sounds of Suburbia

i did it. i went running today. for the first time in 4 months i finally put my shoes down to pavement with the sole purpose of just going out and running. nothing fancy, i didn’t run with an iPod or Garmin; just me and the road. it was awesome. i did a mere .88 of a mile [don’t laugh], and i don’t feel exhausted. i wasn’t out of breath. my legs were a little tight, but it’s nothing that a good stretch can’t take care of later tonight. .88 sounds rather pansy, and so does 4 months but i guess it’s all in the individual. some people never run, ever, in their lifetime – so what’s 4 months, big deal. some people circle the parking lot trying to find the closest vacant spot – .88 of a mile, are you flippin nuts!?

i ran throughout the neighborhood, and i’ll be honest when i say i’ve never ran here without my iPod. i’m a creature of habit and don’t even like messing with my playlists, but i guess a 4 month break will make anyone do crazy things like that. between the dogs barking, the radios blaring from open garages, and the chatter of outdoor dinner parties i came to realize that i’ve never had such a liberating run. even getting ready for it was so exciting. the past 16 weeks it would pain me to even open my running drawer. poor, pathetic running tops would just stare back at me, and i’d wear my running shorts around the house just because.
during the pregnancy, the ligaments in my feet stretched, relaxing my bones and in turn making my feet bigger. i was wearing a size 7.5 pre-pregnancy, and now i’m in 8’s. the 7.5’s felt a bit tight, yet the 8’s too big. if Brooks could make a 7.75 Glycerin shoe i would totally invest. i also blame my neurotic tendency for having everything “just right”, i spent about 45 minutes going from shoe to shoe and maybe did 15 laps around the backyard trying to figure out which felt better. i settled with the 8’s and i can’t complain – maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, i’m going to have to buy more shoes… i’ll give it 6 months.
we’re still planning on doing a turkey trot, although i refuse to take up any official training program. i’ll run when i want too, not worry about hitting mileage and if i walk; i walk. if i run the entire thing, well i’m just further along than i thought i would be. and pace? pssh, forget it. i’ll worry about that when i’m running 50k’s and blowing through marathons… … 😉
Sweet Sounds of Suburbia

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