maybe… juuuuuust maybe…

i possibly have 2 weeks left on my Running Ban. i’m thrilled and cannot wait to see what the doctor says. while i’m confident that my recovery is going well, a part of me is nervous also. lots of things happen to a woman’s body postpartum – where is that in the movies, Hollywood!?

since this Ban will hopefully be lifted in 14 days [technically a possible 13 days, 17 hours and 50 minutes], both Husband and i have entertained the idea of running in a Turkey Trot. obviously he’ll fare much better than i will, i’m already talking myself into walking the majority of it. i know myself, and i’ll be so excited to start running again that i could possible injure myself. i NEED to take it slow, and basically approach this as a beginner all over again or else i’m going to be hurting something fierce! the run is 4 miles at a local park, and we’ll have family here to entertain the little one – so we’re pretty excited about this possibility. plus, they’re giving away free turkeys!!
with that said, i will leave you with this little clip from WKRP.
maybe… juuuuuust maybe…

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