not that i’m counting or anything…

my poor running blog. poor, poor, pathetic running blog. i’ve ignored this for so long, yet i don’t really know why. i enter my 37th week of pregnancy this coming Sunday – though i ran through over half of it! so why no update? i really don’t have an excuse. up until two weeks ago i was still working, so maybe now that i don’t have a job i play can catch up a

i’ve kept track of the races that our kiddo participated in with us – keep in mind that i was running reguarly inbetween all these… Beach to Bay Relay Marathon at 20 weeks, Chaski 8k at 23 weeks 6 days, and the Carrabba’s Half Marathon Relay at 25 weeks 6 days.

i haven’t ran in a very long, long time. this might sound dramatic to non-runners, but to those who incorporate running into their daily lives – 10 weeks, and 4 days is a long time to take a break. even if i have my little one tomorrow, that’s still 6 weeks of additional inactivity. 16 weeks?! i want to cry. i’ve never taken a break this long from running, not even for an injury. so why no running? the texas heat. sounds pansy, but a simple Google search will turn out the risks of high body temperature to a developing fetus. so yes, i brought this upon myself, i realize this. i am counting my blessings, however. i believe that because of running i’m in the position that i’m in now – i didn’t gain crazy weight, i have zero swelling in hands/fingers/feet/face, and i’m still good for a trek through downtown.

so tomorrow we have another appointment for Baby Girl, just to see where we’re at. at this point we don’t know if she’s breech or not – i just know she’s running out of room. i’ve mentioned to the husband numerous times that i need to have ribs removed when we have more children, because they’re obviously in the way. he thinks i’m kidding… but really, this would benefit my running as well – more room for lungs, AND babies!!! i suspect that this weekend Husband will make me sit down and actually pack my hospital bag [i’ve been avoiding this for the better part of two weeks now]. so unless anything crazy happens tomorrow, expect another entry, this time in the near future.

have a great holiday weekend!

not that i’m counting or anything…

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