so… i’m pretty sure this is the longest hiatus i’ve ever had on here.

quick recap, in the past few months The Optimist and I bought a house, got married and also found out we’re expecting… might as well do it all at once!!! we’re both insanely excited about everything that is going on in life, and can’t wait for the future.

now… WITH that said… i don’t know who said pregnancy is ‘fun’ or ‘great’ and i’m convinced that those with ‘fantastic’ pregnancies are lying and pulling everyone else’s leg. i’ve been sick more times than i care to remember [yes, still at 16 weeks], foods i loved repulsed me [‘awesome!’], my hair feels like crap and my acne is worse than a teen going through puberty. because of my mood swings i am a danger to the public [many of you would argue i was like this prior to pregnancy… i have no comment], i have the oddest cravings, i have the craziest dreams ever, and i can’t run nearly as far as i used too. i feel bad for Husband and the dogs, i’m convinced that when we move into the house there’s going to be a mutiny and i’m going to be confined to a corner. i’m sorry to those that expect to see “belly pictures” on here, as i feel like a beach whale, and i will say now that i probably won’t be posting them, at all.

i plan to keep running, until the little one won’t let me, or until the doctor says something. until then!


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