San Antonio Spurs

*early edit* i intentionally was inspired to write a simple blog concentrating on a certain player of the Spurs, but it has since grown to a multi-part series. forgive my quasi-obsession, but seriously, who wants to read about running? i’m so half assed at it anyway, so it’s pointless. you could even do it yourself. one foot. in front of another. quickly. … makes for a boring blog… *end early edit*

i never really rooted for a team in the NBA, although i do remember having a Chicago Bulls Starter jacket, embroidered name and all.
so my following of the Spurs began in early 2007, before i even moved to San Antonio. i was at basic training for the Air Force, and in the 6th week [graduation] the TI’s grant you a weekend out on the town. this particular weekend, if we went to the Spurs game we were also allowed to stay out. really, i just wanted to hang out with my parents for a few extra hours. this was also my first ever NBA game. so there we were, 02 March 2007 watching the Spurs face the Orlando Magic. the spurs won that game, and i had a BLAST. the entire game, our entire section of graduates/family had the most amazing time. minor complaint – seats where a trip to get to, i noticed that along the way peanut vendors where being replaced by vendors selling oxygen, and complimentary altitude sickness barf bags. mmm, vendors. i’m hungry for funnel cake. damn you, AT&T center, we need to talk.

i adopted the spurs. what a year to do so, winning the championship. i followed them through my tech school, and the next year back home. now that i’m back in town [and feeding off the memories] i’m itching to get back to a game. military appreciation night is the 23rd, so i’m hoping we can snag tickets.
so, i haven’t even reached the point of this entire blog… Husband put a bug in my ear early in the season about a certain Spur by the name of George Hill [not to be confused with this George Hill] – i know for a fact Husband regrets this, because well, he said so. the bug in ther ear surged from an interest, to a straight up infatuation. i’ll be explaining this in the next blog, mainly because i’m watching the game right now and i don’t want to be bothered more than i already have been.
Until then, enjoy this HEB commercial. the way Manu says “HEB chips” – cracks me up 😀
A few things highlighted in the next few blogs to look forward too [or not, i really don’t care. i might ‘waste time’ writing about what some people deem silly and pointless, but i like it. i’ll be careful though, as the last time i wrote i quickly learned the difference between libel and slander]
– George Hill
– Gregg Popovich
– HEB commercials
– THE coyote [i was always under the impression that The Coyote was this guy, but i guess not]
– Spurs, as a team
so, if you’re not really the digging the vibe of my blog, i would highly suggest in avoiding it at all possible costs for the next few weeks. i might interrupt with some tidbits of running and other various happenings of the household, but i doubt it. i’m also getting my Jeep friday, so keep an eye out for a road-trip blog soon 🙂
until then, take care. mom, dad, and kenny – love you guys. miss you.
San Antonio Spurs

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