it’s been forever, i know.

not going to lie, i have zero motivation to run. i’ve been running consistently [ok, yeah, not really] for the past week. i’m going to blame [yes, blame] it on the fact that i wrecked my car and i have to wait until Husband gets off work to go home. so yes, i’m at work for 12 hours but it’s nice to go out and run also. problem isn’t at i’m not enjoying my runs like i used to. you’d think that it gets better once i’m out and running but it’s basically just one big disaster. i’m hoping this gets easier as the days go by, and i’ve obviously decided against running in Bandera.

i think at this point i’m at a crossroads with running. i’ve debated signing up for a longer length of a race [half marathon, marathon, etc] sometime in the far future to try and be motivated, but i’ve done that far too many times. i think the only race we’ve talked about is a Valentine’s Day run, but that seems so far away. for Christmas i’m getting him the running shoes [relax, he knows this] he desperately needs, and i’m secretely hoping this will get me motivated as well.

so, that’s that, we’re going to dallas for the weekend to see Pat Green and sunday we’re baking Christmas cookies all day. thursday we leave for North Carolina [yikes, i’m meeting the parents! – so nervous!!] until sunday, and that day my family will be in for the AlamoBowl. so needless to say, it’s going to be a busy last couple of weeks, but that’s fine by me. i might run 0 out of the next 11 days, i might run 8 out of the next 11, who knows. i don’t really care, which is sad because i used to really enjoy running.

we’ll see what happens. so hopefully you’ll be hearing from me before the year is over, but if not have a happy holiday and great new year. until then, some words from Peyton Manning.

it’s been forever, i know.

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