the power of underestimation

so i went out today for the first time since Denver. my knees were a little sore but warmed up as the run went along. i also took the ever-trusting Dieter dog, who enjoys running just as much as i do – if not, more.

down to the title of the thread…

i entrust cars to not cover crosswalks yet i underestimate the idiocy of the average driver. which makes me think, what exactly IS the average driver? is it the teen punk in a beaten up jalopy who’s texting away? is it the soccer mom in the souped up SUV, chatting away on the cell phone? is it your cubicle bound businessman in an impala trying to navigate his GPS? is it the set of grandparents behind a lincoln, coming back from bingo night? either way, you would think that someone driving a 2 ton vehicle would be more aware of their surroundings. plus, the driver i had … “words” with was a clueless driver in a F250, fiddling with his radio.

i also understimated how quickly darkness swallows the city in the winter. in ohio, i would remember when it would get pitch black at 5 pm. you would think i would catch on after 23 years of the same general changing of the seasons… summer = sunny and light until 9 pm. winter = gloomy and dark by 5. why this was news to me today, i don’t know. pretty depressing if you ask me, i’m ready for summer/warm vacation already.

and to my last underestimation […if you say this enough is starts to sound like a made up word but i promise you it is, i even looked it up]. wind. wind sucks, well, in this case – blows. on the first half of my run, i obviously did not notice this minor detail because i felt like i was kicking ass and taking initials – no time for names!!!! i was running at a pretty decent pace, Dieter conforms to whatever i’m running at so he was happy either way. enter TurnAround. ho-leeeey crap. i couldn’t breathe!! i added almost a solid minute to my comfortable pace just from trying to deal with the wind alone!

i’m done complaining though. i’m glad i finally got a run in, as i realize my 25k is a little more than a month away. i’m going to try and get out to Bandera next friday and put in a solid 5-7 miles for the sake of making sure i’m on pace to at least finish the race.

the power of underestimation

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