*yawn* running? whats that??

i’m going to be completely honest. i think i’ve ran maybe three times since my last post. i have zero motivation and i absolutely hate the fact that i could care less about running. the 5k went well. actually it went VERY well. for someone that doesn’t run on a regular basis, kenny impressed me by running the majority of said race. i beat him though. we originally planned from him to carry me piggy back across the finish line but he got all masculine and decided to try and beat me, well, needless to say that is not how it happened. 🙂

i’m finding any and every excuse to not run. i’m also welcoming suggestions, because i hate repeating myself… so here go some that i’ve used in the past week or so…

its too cold [which, i will have you know, 60 is cold… to some.], i dont feel well [those margaritas STILL are lurking in my bloodstream], i just ate [yeah, not likely i always forget to do this], the spurs/longhorns are on [i will actually schedule runs around these events, if i ever get back into it], i fell asleep [this actually happens], my fish died [also happens, poor Sammy Pescado], i’m doing laundry [yeah, lie], i’m busy reading Boyfriend’s blog [found here], law and order is on [also includes Biggest Loser, football, family guy, anything on the food network & HGTV, as well as the travel channel and history channel], this book that i’m reading is really good [that curious george, always the trouble maker], i’m taking the dogs on a walk, i’m cooking [maybe not well, but dammit i’m busy], i had a hair appointment [totally legit], i’m cleaning […all these lies!], i had to work [who works 8 hours REALLY], i had to get the jeep fixed [i’d rather not go into detail], i was studying [major lie], i was meeting belinda for drinks [this has also happened see: margarita], i was getting the mail [hey, we get a lot…], i was in traffic [also very legit], i couldn’t find my keys [again, not going into detail], and from all that i also just flat out don’t want too.

so. there you have it. this half marathon is going to teach me a major lesson, and its going to suck but you better believe i’ll be getting across that finish line. ugh, crap… now if you’ll excuse me, we’re going to go to a pumpkin patch and we’ll be carving the night away and roasting seeds. shoot, looks like i won’t be running again. *yawn*

i’ll post pictures as proof. lucky you. … plus that should burn a solid hour out of the day, going through and chosing pictures, posting them, re-sizing. busy bee.

*yawn* running? whats that??

2 thoughts on “*yawn* running? whats that??

  1. the movie was released 03 july 1985, so yes before my time. and yes, i had to google it. no i haven’t seen it, but yes, i do like black and white movies.

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