an ode to texas weather

can i just say one thing? san antonio weather is awesome. coming from a place where it snows/is jacket weather all but 4 months out of the year, i can totally appreciate this amazing weather. call me crazy, but the fact that i wasn’t warming my car up like my old neighbors this morning fills me with a sense of joy 😀 white christmas? bah, who needs it. string some lights on that cactus and we’re good to go. cookies for santa? sure, but chances are he’d rather dig in on some BBQ. milk? i bet he’d love a 6 pack of Shiner Bock. reindeer? catch you up some roadrunners and you’re set. love it!

running is going well. i found out today both the half and full marathons are sold out at san antonio. this means Boyfriend won’t be running this race with me 😦 for some reason it makes it a little harder to find the motivation to get out there, but i’m hoping he will run Bandera and Austin with me.

this weekend i’m going back to the frozen tundra that is my old home 🙂 i have a 5k with my little brother [i SAY little, i really mean taller but younger nonetheless so ‘little’ fits] who has never ran more than a mile on purpose. he’s going to kick supreme ass though, he’s an excellent athelete who has competed in swimming for many years, soccer, baseball, and basketball. i have no doubt that he will finish. i also told him that if need be, we’ll walk it together, the last thing i’m trying to do is get injured in the middle of training during a run that’s supposed to be fun and semi-laid back.

as for what the future holds… thanksgiving we’re thinking about going to Houston to spend time with The Optimist’s brother and his girlfriend. we also have found a local 5k that you better believe we’ll be running if we end up going. i also think there’s a 5k in san antonio, but it might be a day after thanksgiving thing. if that’s the case, i’ll be skipping that. one day of given gluttony? yeah no thanks on running the next day.

all righty, well i’m off to watch Biggest Loser on my most favorite night ever… “Turkey Burger & Mac’n’Cheese night” 😀 it’s the best, turkey burger patties in soy sauce, a [few] dashes of worcestire, some seasonings. and of course mac’n’cheese. Boyrfriend makes this and it’s absolutely amazing, and we have it once a week – i consider it my ‘cheat night’ and tonight we have an added extra of pumpkin pie and also pecan pie. i’m absolutely drooling [literally, my mouth is watering] and i can’t wait.

an ode to texas weather

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