never again with the Ramen Noodles!!

oh man. so i’ve been keeping with the running schedule and doing all the crap i’m supposed to. i’ve even been running with Dieter, who i think is enjoying it way more than i am. anyway, i haven’t entered anything in here in about forever, for that i apologize.

i decided recently to run the Austin Marathon [15 feb 2009]. i’m also doing so for a charity. i’m still in the works of getting everything set up, emails going back and forth but i’m really excited for it. it’s something that recently hit near to home so it’s important to me. i’ll reveal all the juicy details once i have everything set in stone 😉

oh and about the Ramen Noodles, never again. i was in a bind at work [ok ok, i forgot my lunch] so i was forced to raid a co-workers closet… BIG mistake. for some reason i had a flash back to my college days and i’ll be damned if i didn’t have a craving for friggin Ramen Noodles. bad idea. i totally felt the sodium on my run. my calves were tight and i’m glad i had Dieter because that kept me relatively close to home. i’m really thirsty too, this whole junk food thing really threw my body for a loop and not in the yummy way ice cream does.

never again with the Ramen Noodles!!

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