real quick…

so i bought the Brooks Ghost yesterday, and i like them. as with every new shoe there’s always something to tweak until it’s perfect. it’s got a couple of things that i’ll do to it, but nothing major to the point of returning them. i was told that the Glycerins [i had two pairs prior to my Infinitis, one pair that my dog so happily ate] were going to be discontinued… kinda sucks but that’s the reason i picked the Ghosts. i really wanted to go back to the Glycerins, but i knew i’d have to face the music eventually, why put it off for another 6 months ya know??

did a quick 3 miler today. i know fall started a week ago, but i don’t think Texas got the memo.

tomorrow’s a rest day, i think i’ll put in some laps. that pain in my foot won’t go away, so maybe a new environment will coincide with the new shoes and fix it.

already october. can’t believe it.

real quick…

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