trails, pains and the Doggie Dash 5k

so just a quick recap from Thursday… went for a 5 mile trail run. it was AWESOME as always. i saw many deer, a 6 point buck [he looked mean man, kept staring me down… i even turned around…] and a HUGE ant hill with red ants literally pouring in and out of it. but anyway, i was maneuvering around the trails and totally rolled my ankle a couple of times. it wasn’t to the point to where i needed to stop, and i was fine for the rest of the day. it was definitely scary though, and i did keep in mind the advice i recieved from numerous individuals from Runner’s World. i need to work on my foot work for sure, and keeping my eyes to where i’m going to land. there’s always a stretch where i get comfortable with my surroundings and then i start looking around; i’ll be damned if everytime i didn’t trip up on an exposed root or loose rock. this was a great run, but it could have gone better. just leaves me with more motivation to do even better next time.

so anyway, i ran a scheduled 2 miles friday. about a mile in, i felt an odd pain in my foot. i brushed it off, but it just wouldn’t go away. it’s on the outside of my arch, just under my pinky toe. throughout the night this pain kept coming back, and lo and behold, i wake up to the same pain. it’s bearable, but a nuisance. i raced today with it, and everything went just fine. who knows. i have a 7 miler tomorrow, so i hope it goes away.

ok, so the Doggie Dash. 🙂 it went well, we had a blast and there were a ton of dogs. there were few hills, and the course was fantastic. it helped that 99.9% of the course was shaded. it was an added bonus that we also were running through a part of San Antonio were Tommy Lee Jones lives, and those houses were GORGEOUS. i’m already [don’t tell anyone] looking forward to christmas because you know those houses are gonna be awesome to look at. it was also a big loop, as opposed to an out and back. you got to see plenty of the neighborhood, which was cool. anyway, Boyfriend and Dieter finished with a great time of 28:18, and i was 30 seconds later with 28:48. i was happy with the way i dealt with the hills, and i didn’t stop during the course of the race, nor did i need water. i didn’t run nearly as hard as i could have, but i really didn’t want to bother my foot any more. it’s annoying, i’m just looking forward to getting tomorrow over with so i can leave it be for a couple of days. it was really hard to go to the race, without bringing home an adoptable dog… i really miss mine and i wish i could have brought her, but i wasn’t about to seperate her from her big sister. i think about her everyday, and miss her terribly.

tomorrow is 7 miles, and monday is a rest day. until then, have a great weekend. i’m gonna go have some ice cream.

trails, pains and the Doggie Dash 5k

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