see… what had happened was…

had a pretty decent run today, just a solid 2 miles with Boyfriend and Dieter. today i looked up training plans for the Rock’n’Roll Half. obviously, they’re from Runner’s World and i found one that fits for the both of us. i know he has more stamina and ‘hitch in his giddy-up’ [for the lack of a better term] than i do, so hopefully i didn’t chose anything that won’t maximize his training.

aaaand in doing so, it happens to tie in my Bandera training. that’s right ladies and gents. i am officially all signed up for the 25k. i’m really excited about it, and very eager to kick my training into gear. today i lifted some and did some ab work [if you want to call that, hahaha] while the training called for 2 miles @ 11:58 pace. can’t really say that we kept with the pace, but i tried hard to keep it at a 10 minute mile. this is the part that sucks though… i can’t find an “official” 25k program, let alone for a trail race. i’ve been searching the net for something like this, yet nothing prevails. so from here, i really don’t know where to go. i’m obviously going to try and do the majority of my runs on trails, as well as make it out to Bandera a couple of times a month for my long run.

tomorrow is a rest/cross train day, which means i’ll get some serious stretching in. this might also call for some laps in the pool, possibly start yoga. i did yoga awhile ago and really enjoyed it, the benefits from the flexibility helped in keeping the injuries away. obviously swimming has always been a staple in my life, and being in the weather i am; i could totally take advantage of it.

sooo until next time, take it easy 🙂

see… what had happened was…

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