am i crazy? safe to say.

so… i’m going to chalk up my recent crazy streak to being sidelined yet again… i really want to do this run. “this run” being the Bandera 100km/50km/25km. i have 4 months to train, and i don’t want to push the 50km just yet… 4 months to train for 15.5 miles sounds good to me, it’s not like this race isn’t going anywhere next year. i’ve been reading up on it online. it’s brutal, dangerous and tough terrain. it’s also scattered with scorpions and snakes; and i have yet to read a race report that didn’t involve someone getting kissed by a cactus. why this appeals to me i’ll never know, but reading review after review has me more determined to do this. looking at the finishing times gives me a nervous excitement, some an upwards of 4 hours.

not much else going on, really. the shins have been giving me mild pain the past 24 hours and i know i’m going to sound like a bum saying this – but i think i’m going to wait until monday or so to get back at it. from what i hear, Dieter is training like a champion for his Doggie Dash 5k.

until then, i have to ride out Hurricane Ike and hope it doesn’t affect the area too much. we’re projected to get a lot of rain the next few days so we’ll see how we fare. if anything, it will make for an interesting trail run on Monday 🙂

sorry its not too interesting…

am i crazy? safe to say.

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