Human Race Aftermath

i knew it. i knew this would happen. i’m an idiot for running. the pain’s back, and no, i don’t want to talk about it. oh and Dear Nike, you suck. i won’t elaborate but let the record show that i [along with many others] was not pleased with the course, or the [lack of] organization throughout/after the race.

not only did i suck majorly at this race… but i’m feeling the consequences, even a week later. my time was a horrific 1:12, i was not pleased with this at all. i knew there were going to be hills, but nothing to this degree. the hills, combined with the debauchery from the night before, made for a long race. but hey, i guess it’s a PR, ha! naturally, Boyrfriend did well, finishing at a strong 1:08 [i think, i hope, i forget, love you and stuff]. granted, i thought we would have to carry him home, but he kicked major ass anyway 🙂

i have run consistently throughout the week ignoring the pain in my knees/shins. i had a SWEET run at work that about killed me, good times. it was flat, and very warm. in case you were ever thinking about doing so, i would not recommend running along a flightline, especially if the temperature is already in the high 90’s. the humidity was high and there wasn’t much shade available either, so needless to say this run kicked my ass. it was awesome. i’ll be doing that again before long, that’s for sure.

i’ve also noticed that going down stairs and any kind of incline is starting to be bothersome yet again, so i’m going to take a few days off. there’s a 4 person, 8 mile relay [who thinks of this stuff, i mean really? 2 miles per person??] that we’re thinking about doing next weekend, but we’ll see. we’re also training Dieter for a 5k in a few weeks, so that’s enjoyable as well. poor little buddy has endured some tough training but he’s pulling through 🙂

so, lessons learned from the Human Race:
1. no drinking the night before a race. this race was at 7 in the afternoon, but the drinking from the night before i’m sure didn’t help… but then again it builds character. ok, so i won’t rule out drinking completely but i’ll watch it more closely…
2. train for a run more effectively. running wise i was fine, but i should have scoped out more hills around town to train on.
3. take your own water to a Nike Human Race, because they won’t have any for you afterwards
4. Pita Pit is awesome
5. stretch. you’d think i would learn this by now. nope.


Human Race Aftermath

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