eff off, i can rant if i want!!

ok, so i don’t think i’ve ever made a post about things non-running related… so here goes.

rain sucks. yeah, sometimes it’s nice to be caught in that storm… to be honest i usually find storms soothing and calming. literally though, for the past week or so, it’s been raining in the afternoon. quite frankly, i’m sick of it. i know that’s totally contradicting what i said previously, but COME ON it’s getting a little ridiculous. earlier today i decided i wasn’t going to run [just focusing on stretching, lifting some and an ab workout or three] so it’s not like i had to deal with the elements, but man alive, even the dogs are depressed about it. very annoying.

also. didn’t feel like cooking tonight. ever since Trev went to Houston [soooo, sunday night] i haven’t touched the stove/oven/anything but a can opener… yes, my friends the past 3 nights – including tonight – have been Spaghettio’s and Triscuts. i’m telling you now, i will be forced at gunpoint to eat Spaghettio’s from here on out. growing up, i was lucky enough to have a stay at home mom. homecooked meals every night, and lunches were packed as well. i cannot recall ever having Lunchables, spaghettios, or any of ‘that’ pre-made stuff… we always ate healthy. i don’t know exactly where i thought they would taste good, but i randomly bought 3 cans the other day, and well for 88 cents i can’t really beat it [stupid me]. now the roof of my mouth feels like it’s been scraped over with sand paper, my teeth have a fine film over them and my stomach is cussing at me. i’m not even going to mention the sodium content…

another thing. next weekend i’m tasked to do a mandatory physical. what?! really!? do you think physicals are for people who just aren’t tuned into their bodies, and have to have doctors and nurses tell them what’s going on? sorry, but i don’t trust doctors/nurses/hospitals/ridiculous sideshows because of certain events; and if i’m desperate enough i’ll go to them. how about i just tell you if i feel as though i’m not up to par? i have to go to work, on my days off just to pee in a cup, get my eyes/hearing checked, along with about 200+ other people.

this leads me to another sore spot of mine… people. i’m sorry, but i can’t stand the majority of you. combined in big groups, manners/chivalry & [all too often] common sense FLY out the window. you fall into either one of four categories…

1) extremely rude/grumpy/loud
2) extremely happy/giddy/bless-this, bless-that attitude
3) you’re completely clueless to everything around you
4) you sit. you wait. you daydream. you grind your teeth until it’s all over and collapse on the couch when you get home, but not before you crack open that cold beer your doctor oh-so-nonchalantly told you to stop drinking.

The Number Ones, i really don’t have a problem with. they usually keep to themselves and are annoyed when provoked. its like the sleeping dog, just let him be. however, i especially like it when you make the “huuuh” or the “tsk” or the “pfffffhhhh” noises, as though your caveman-esque-ness will get you through the line quicker. yes, the assistant will miraculously call out YOUR number, merely because she’s heard one too many “pffftttssss” in her day.
you Number Twos… do not ever come near me. i’m sorry. i do not want to hear about one of you 7 children, or how happy you are to be avoiding work just so you can pee in a cup, or how you just can’t wait to get to the Riverwalk tonight because ‘its like something new everytime i go’, or how you just got promoted… i do not care. when my eyes are glazed over and i’m looking at you, bobbing my head aimlessly, making ‘uh-huh’ noises; it means i’ve stopped listening/caring. Number Threes. you probably annoy me the most. you don’t listen to directions, therefore you muck up everything for you and those around you. because of this, someone has to clean up after you. and because of THIS, i know have to sit around for an extra 20 minutes whilst someone assists you. not that you care, because hey it’s cool, you’re getting paid. nevermind those that have to come in on their days off. Number Fours? yeah, we’re cool people.

with all this said, i’m happy i swear.

EDIT – ran 4.37 … and i’m running the Human Race as well …

eff off, i can rant if i want!!

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