back at it!!!

finally, finally, finally. i ran today, without pain, for 3.1 miles. my time was terrible, but i don’t care. i came back, feeling rejuvinated and happy; more importantly sans pain. any other day i would look at my Garmin in disgust with the time it flashed, but i was focused on the mileage increase. it was hot, humid and sticky out; but again, i didn’t care i was just happy to be running.

i stretched for about 30 minutes after the run, along with icing the shins [can’t be too careful].

after my run i was so pumped that i thought about running the 10k in Austin next Monday. i KNOW i shouldn’t. Austin is hilly [one of the main reasons my knee flared up in the first place], and it would also be a jump in mileage for sure. yesterday i wasn’t even running, yet i want to do a 6.2 miler just because 10,000 others will be? risk injury yet again, after sitting around for 10 days learning a lesson? let alone pay the registration fee? no thanks. plus that’s one race shirt a LOT of other people are going to have. i’ll stick to cheering on the sidelines, drinking with injured/non-running friends and enjoying the concert afterward. the next day will be spent at the beach, lounging around in the sand and not worrying about injury.

so i looked up more info. on the sprint triathlon late september… it’s a .375k swim, 13k bike, and a 3.3k run. i’m pretty excited about it, and although i haven’t registered i do want to start training soon. it’s mainly the cycling i worry about, i can easily crank out the swim and well as the run. we’ll see, as with everything in life you have to do something about it if you really want it.

there’s also a half marathon/10k/5k series mid-October, and of course, i would like to do the half. with that said, i also want to do the half for the Rock and Roll marathon in November so we’ll see what happens with all this. between now and then there’s a smattering of 5ks that look like a blast, Whine Runs [complimentary wine, i’m so there], doggie dashes and zoo runs [!!!]as well.

i feel like a little kid the day after christmas, all these toys i just want to play with them all at once while i can!! i’m crossing my fingers that i wake up and everything feels fine. as for tomorrow, i think i’ll swim and take it semi-easy. call me anal, but i’m just trying to risk injury. and since there isn’t anything crazy that i am training for, i have nothing to lose.

back at it!!!

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