10 days and counting…

i’m sitting here, aimlessly roaming around the internet, listening to the token Law & Order noise filler. it’s been 10 days and a handful of hours since my feet have hit the pavement for any amount of reasonable time. i’ve swam, lifted [i use that term extremely loosely] and tried to keep sane without doing anything too hardcore, yet i realize nothing is quite like running. my knee feels fine and has been since thursday or friday, yet i’m still reluctant to run at all… is this unusual?

with this said, i also want to try and see if my legs would be up for a 5k Saturday morning. obviously i’ll be running throughout the week to make sure things are up to par… a LOT of people i know are running the Human Race 10k in Austin, but i get to side the sidelines and cheer. I believe Boyfriend is running as well, we also have his brother and his brother’s girlfriend making the trek for this race. with it being Labor Day weekend, we’re also thinking about going to the beach Monday, depending on how sunday treats everyone.

the past 10 days or so have also been providing me with plenty of time to think… this injury has changed me in more ways than one. in a way, i think it’s made me more patient, and i learned to listen to my body instead of being stubborn and hammering my way through it like i normally would. granted the first few days where rough and i almost didn’t want to admit that i was hurt, but i have to admit i’m glad that i did.

so tomorrow i’ve already decided that i’m going to get out there and run. nothing crazy, just maybe a couple of miles to see how the knee holds up.

i’ve also been doing my fair of research on triathlons. since i can remember i’ve always been infatuated with them, so might as well take a stab at it. i’ve been swimming since high school and running for about 3 years, so needless to say i’m pretty comfortable with both. cycling is an issue, i have a bike from my younger days that i’m not quite certain is an actual “bike”-bike. granted, i’m sure it will do, but racing is a different story. i literally know nothing about cycling, in the past it’s been to get me to and from the gym, friend’s houses, the library, other randoms… i can’t begin to tell you when the last time i wore a helmet was either… probably shouldn’t admit to that. so anyway, that’s that, i still have to sit down and look at schedules to see when my first sprint would be.

until then, take it easy; i’ll fill y’all in on the run tomorrow night.

10 days and counting…

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