Yeah. I’m an Idiot.

Soooooooooo about this resting thing… i ran yesterday. i know, i know, i really suck at this. it was the longest mile i’ve ever pushed myself through. Boyfriend  tagged along with me, who was yet again my saving grace. i limped through the first quarter mile, then up until the halfway point we had a steady uphill for a good 350 yards. that’s where i totally hit the proverbial wall. any other day and i probably wouldn’t have even noticed that hill, but yesterday it was the most painful thing i’ve ever gone through. i’ve broken bones and laughed it off [true story…], sat through a minor ‘surgery’ in which i filmed on my camera phone, and have had various bumps and bruises along the way – and i’ve never really ‘hurt’, that is, until now. the simple act of walking is a task in itself, and forget about going down any kind of stairs without reprocussions.

so what’s on tonight? the women’s olympic marathon, pouring salt into my emotional wound. i was thrilled for the winner, but i couldn’t help but feel bitter about it all. it’s unfortunate that Deena Kastor had to drop out so early in the marathon, i can only hope for her sake that it isn’t going to be a long last injury. same goes to Paula Radcliffe, who really looked like she was in a lot of pain.

from here on out it’s basically going to be swimming, ‘elliptical-ing’, and lifting weights, i really don’t know what the rules are about cycling but i’m crossing my fingers i can do so. i have to admit today that we also played tennis… eventhough i’m in pain, i’m also very stubborn. The Optimsit basically pulled me off the court today, and at the time i wasn’t happy about it. i just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea that i need to cease all activity that includes using my knee as a shock absorber in any way. i noticed today on the court that my right hip started to ache, and my left knee is actually also started to twinge… this can’t be good!

all right, all right, i’ll stop sulking around. i can’t go anywhere but up from here anyway, so i think i just have to focus on that. thanks for putting up with this mini rant, i’m sure i’ll be updating soon. as for a workout tomorrow, i think i’ll just have to wait and see how i wake up in the morning and how the rest of the day goes.

Yeah. I’m an Idiot.

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