august already!?

holy august! is it me or is this year just flying by?? august already has a 50% success rate at running, which is already better than what i can say for July. this weekend was pretty warm, and i ran at the hottest times of the day, both days.

i also ventured out with one of the dogs this past saturday…

it proved to be very interesting, haha… i know he’s an avid and sporadic runner, and i know for a fact there are 5k’s on his little rap sheet, but i think the heat was just too much for him. poor little buddy maybe got half a mile in, and even half of that half mile was chasing ‘something’. i’m starting to think he was hallucinating, and he didn’t really RUN until i asked him if he wanted to go home. if he could talk i think it would be along the lines of ‘yeah lady, bunk this, i want my air conditioning’… so i trotted alongside said pooped puppy, dropped him off and went out for another two miles. i’m ignoring my times for now because that’s where i seem to start paying way too much attention to running, in turn, losing interest in it. sunday i went out for another easy two.
i believe today will be a rest day, other than the fact that the heat index is somewhere between ‘man alive its hot’ and ‘its effing blazing out’. i think the only scheduled race coming up for us is the Nike Human Race 10k coming up at the end of August. i would schpiel about it, but it’s just as easy to click on the link and find out for yourself. looks like a cool race, plus i do believe Boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend are coming down from Houston, and that is always a good time.
we have a ‘tropical depression’ heading our way yet again, so the next few days will be rainy and gloomy. alas, it will still be about 90-something degrees out, so running will still be possible. until then, i’m going to stretch out this right hamstring that keeps wanting to cramp up, and enjoy the sunshine while i can 🙂
august already!?

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