one more change

ok one more change and we’re done, promise.

half marathon, this time around. school starts this fall and time will be virtually non-existant, in addition to about 40+ hours at work.

there are a smattering of 5&10k’s in the next few weeks. i haven’t ran in a few days and i’m starting to feel it. it’s funny when something has become such a staple in your life, and when you go without it for a little while you find yourself craving it and in a sense having withdrawals. this is particularly dangerous for me. i don’t know if this happens to everyone else, but in times like these i know getting out for even a mile is crucial. from here, i can pick running back up without a problem and get back into the swing of things, running consistently until i find another slump. or i could go days without running. days that turn into weeks, until i become so sluggish that i can’t stand it. from there i will punish myself and take off on a 5 mile trek, in turn feeling like death for the next few days; plauged with aches and pains that won’t go away. i haven’t done the latter in a few months, and i’m glad. i’m also hoping that being on an actual traning program will help with the former. i do enjoy running [maybe not so much while i’m running] and i like [most of the time] the way i feel after my runs. but it’s also something i overlook all too often when life gets a little busy.

sadly, since we switched to the half we’re not starting to ‘officially’ train until sometime in september. i suppose this gives me plenty of time to hit up trails whenever i want. i do like road running, don’t get me wrong; but trails are definetly my first love. who knows, maybe i’ll try for a sprint tri in the mean time.

so until then, you’ll get the usual boring posts haha… i’m also itching to get new running gear so stay tuned… until then, take it easy.

one more change

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