noun: leaf – verb: turnage!

i wish i could say that i was so busy running and being stellar at life that i didn’t have time to update this. nor was i out volunteering at the homeless shelter, saving baby kittens from the deadly jowls of the vile neighborhood dog, or building schoolhouses in africa. with this said, i do want to make it clear that i DID go to myanmar to offer aid, but they turned me away. in all actuality, i wasn’t updating because i was being lame and unmotivated to do anything at all, including running. i ran a random 3 miler sometime last week but it wasn’t anything to write home about, with a lot of walking and complaining involved. physically, the only positive thing that came from this was that my leg felt better. mentally, this actually made me feel worse about being able-bodied and not running. que pickle, insert me.

i try and keep this a running blog, because that’s basically what it’s here for. some might stop by to laugh/point [trust me, no hard feelings], some might be family members trying to figure out what part of the country i’m currently at [still ohio, just so everyone is caught up – see what i did there, two birds/one stone], while others might have [un]forunately stumbled across this and are trying to figure out why on earth someone would run for fun. trust me when i say that i often struggle to comprehend the latter. with this said, i have to admit that today was a milestone for me, mainly a personal one but for the first time in a long time i finally felt as though running is a part of my life – not just something i ‘do’. yes, it’s been a forced thing but i figure something has to balance out the ice cream, ribs and beer.

ever since i returned from san antonio i’ve been moping around the house, slacking on schoolwork, and being a bum in every aspect. nothing really mattered. i knew i had to get stuff squared away for the move, and with enough nagging from just about everyone in my life [thanks by the way, i mean it] i begrudgingly did it. i honestly have no idea why, i knew in my mind that the sooner i got it done, it would mean one step closer to my move. even after i completed each task i just went about moping, and not running. everything went at a snail’s pace, the equivalent to molasses in january, old women driving their cadillac’s around florida, the speed of MS-DOS, you name it – time friggin stood still. until today. i finally had my physical fitness test for the final big ‘to-do’ on my out-processing checklist. //sidenote: how bad is that!? i knew, all week, that i had a fitness test – yet failed to do absolutely anything about it// anyway, i suffered through the push ups and sit ups portion, which seemed to last forever until we were herded up to the starting point of the run. everyone was freaking out about it, saying their soles were going to melt off before the starting point and that there better be water stations. what i have failed to mention it was 94ish, humid and sunny out and we were only running 1.5 miles. anyway, the run itself was very refreshing and just what i needed. i was the first female to finish and third overall. my time wasn’t the best, and i will admit that i totally milked that last half mile. i ran it with individuals who clearly don’t get one iota of physical fitness, and could care less if they passed or failed but i don’t care. i did it, and in doing so i cleared my own way to texas. even though this was almost 12 hours ago, i can say that i’m still riding that little wave. in a sense i feel rejuvinated, and looking back on this week i feel as though i was walking around in a haze.

yes, it was hot out and yes, i took a couple small breaks but dammit it was exactly the break i was looking for. i’m glad this little breakthrough came when it did. granted, they literally pulled me out of my chair and had to pay me to do it, but i’m sure glad it happened. with marathon training starting in a few weeks i can’t afford to slack off now.

i realize that everyone has their little ‘thing’ that they do. for some it might be coaching little league, having a passion for cooking, possessing that green thumb, their jobs, reading or even watching televised court shows [you know who you are haha]…

mine? it’s running. it feels good to be back – plus, even if i suck at it, i still have the clothes to make me look cool 🙂
noun: leaf – verb: turnage!

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