wanna go home…

i’ve started and stopped, deleted and added this post numerous times. i’m having trouble accurately describing the time i had in San Antonio. i had such an amazing time, and i don’t regret a single second of it. i’m absolutely in love with everything i encountered there. i’m leaving it at that, everytime i find myself daydreaming of being back i am just saddened by the fact that i’m not there.

i think i covered about 11 miles during my stay. sounds minimal, and i totally underestimated the effect that the heat and humidity would have on me. i found that the last couple of runs came a little easier, which hopefully isn’t a false sense of comfort and i only hope that getting back into the swing of things won’t be too hard. i’m not one to run well with people – i actually can’t stand it, i’m definelty a lone wolf in every sense of the way, especially when it comes to running – but if i were to pick an ideal running partner it would, hands down, be Boyfriend. he pushes me to limits i didn’t know i was capable of reaching [i could have walked way more than i did], and is always praising me on successfully completing a run. i was [and still am] dissapointed in the way that i ran while in San Antonio, but i know that i’ve got the perfect running buddy waiting there for me when i get back. i realized this, fully, today during my run. the abscence of motivation was apparent, and it sucked.

today [back home now…] was a 3.55 road run that was pretty interesting… i found money so that more than made up for the akward run. tomorrow on RWOL the North/South competition begins. i believe we start training for the marathon the second or third week of june, so we’re hoping to bring some miles to the South. as for the next few weeks, i’m just wrapping up school and getting my move squared away. i’m glad i have an outlet like running as a stress reliever, these next couple of weeks are going to be a doozy.

until tomorrow…

wanna go home…

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