holy quick day batman

so today went by lightning fast – i didn’t expect that at all.

got 17 miles on the bike, and i dont think i’ll be getting back on it until after my vacation. i really need to run these next couple of days, maybe even two runs a day. i don’t know how often we are running but either way i want to be prepared.

note to self: stop going to the gym after 5 pm. there are way too many people there.

tomorrow i have class until 4ish, then randomly hitting up the mall with shannon and dinner with the family. my brother was notified today that he’s an ‘official’ coach with the swim league, and even though i don’t really know all those details i saw him studying his butt of for tests and logging many hours to get his certification. thursday is my parent’s anniversary and i’m going to be missing that, so dinner tomorrow is a “congratulatory dinner” for all of us; bro and his certification, parents for the anniversary and me for the job. so that should be fun 🙂

wednesday i am helping a friend move and going over my suitcase about 50 times to make sure i’m good. thursday consists of waking up at 3 in the morning to make my 7 am flight. i cannot wait for this vacation; it all seems so surreal…

holy quick day batman

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