saturday night already!?

8.8 miles on the bike, 2.4 on the road.

i was bored at work and had NOTHING to do, yet i’m still tired. it took a lot to get me out the door to get my workout in, that’s for sure. i wanted nothing more than to just crawl in bed and call it a night… i have a feeling it’s going to get harder [that’s what she said] as the week goes on because i have so much left to do! not so much school work [yes, class – not so much homework/tests] but work and random commitments as well.

little bit of good news – i’ve decided what i’m doing in regards to my move, FINALLY. also, there is nothing scheduled for tomorrow at work and i’ve been tasked to bring in movies. easy day, as well as a shorter day.

i started packing for vacation last night 😀 so excited!!

hopefully i’ll be able to get a workout in tomorrow after work, i’m tempted to hit up trails on my back from work… yeaaaah why not 🙂

saturday night already!?

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