Jan is pregnant and the Spurs are up 12!

500 in the pool early today. sadly there was a water aerobics class about 10 minutes after i got in the water so i was ‘asked to leave’ which is crap since I PAY to swim there. i wasn’t in a mood to argue so i just went home…

10 on the bike today. i MUST run soon… sadly the weather isn’t cooperating, i might have to bite the bullet and run in the rain. i usually don’t mind running in the rain but its COLD here. i refuse to be in a situation that will make me sick during my vacation so we’ll see what happens. i’m also running during my vacation but i actually want to be able to. the forecast shows that i will be welcomed by 95 degree weather so this will be an interesting change.

tomorrow calls for rain in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. i won’t be able to run/workout after class so a morning run in the rain might just have to suffice.

until then, take it easy 🙂

edit: i dont know how many of you watch The Office, but i have to say that the season finale SUCKED.

Jan is pregnant and the Spurs are up 12!

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