what a friggin day

it’s raining out, of course. i woke up this morning without any kind of pain. which is good. i only had about 3 hours of sleep anyway, i was studying the majority of the night for a test that i might as well have not studied for at all. so forgive me if this post is snarky in any way.

tired = emotional, run down and cranky so bear with me.

put in 18.6 miles on the bike, complete with a core workout. i’m debating on going back to the gym later tonight. … yeah i know.

my art class has been cancelled for tomorrow, so a morning swim is totally in the plan, possibly a trail run in the afternoon if the weather allows for it.

.::. ok. this is where crap gets sentimental so take it or leave it .::.

this workout was totally different than any other i’ve ever had… i don’t know what brought it on, but all i did was think. the gym was packed, there were people everywhere, yet i was just in my own little world, oblivious to everything around me. it was almost pointless to have my iPod going because i wasn’t even paying attention to the music coming through the headphones. i thought [very briefly, until i realized what i was thinking about] about school. i thought about my homelife, the fact that i’m going to be leaving soon and how much i’m looking forward to my move. the one i’m really going to miss is my little-big brother, he’s done so much already and i don’t tell him nearly enough that i’m so proud of him. he’s one of the few people i can count on making me laugh when i’m having a crappy day, even though all too often the jokes are made at my expense. i thought about current friendships and what is going to happen when i leave. i thought about my brother in the middle east. an overwhelming feeling came over me when i thought about him, and it wasn’t necessarily worry or sadness. we both signed on that same dotted line to serve our countries, yet we’re doing two completely different things. i’m so proud of him for what he’s doing, and although i hate to see him gone, if i were the one in the Sandbox with him i would be more than happy to serve with him. i thought about my new job, my new home and how extremely lucky i am to be going through all this. i thought about my family and how incredibly supportive they are of me and my decisions, good or bad. off course i went off tangents and thought about the most incredibly stupid things; changing my major to vet sciences [i’ve always wanted to be a vet. if i change my major one more time my guidance counselor might snap], when House is going to be on, what book i should read next, what the point of running REALLY is, what the point of silent letters really are…

last and certainly not least the same person kept popping into my mind no matter what the subject matter was. i can go to this person with anything, and no matter what, after hearing his voice everything is going to be ok. good or bad news, i always look forward to talking to him. he sees the potential in me and pushes me to be the best at whatever it is i’m doing. this is one relationship i’m lucky to be in, and i don’t plan on letting go. i know this seems petty and extremly cliche, but i’m literally at a loss for words. this is literally the happiest i’ve been in years. so for all this, i just want to say thanks to boyfriend for everything. you’re my rock, my cheerleader [oh yikes, mental image haha…] and you always are there for me.

this day isn’t turning out to be so bad after all.

i’m one lucky lady.

what a friggin day

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