c’mon spurs

game 5 tonight, BIG game! to be honest i thought this game was thursday. i’ll give props to my boyfriend on this one, one of has to know what’s going on and it’s obvious i dont 🙂

swam earlier this morning, it was glorious since i had the pool to myself… i lost track of my laps, AGAIN. i think i did around 1000 based on the time i was in the water. today was a pretty decent one, minus gas hitting $4 a gallon here. i really wanted to hit the trails today but i didn’t want to have to drive anywhere i didn’t absolutely have to. if the weather holds up i might swing by on the way home from class or something tomorrow… forecast calls for rain yet again. we’ll see. with this said, i could totally get used to this morning swim thing i really enjoy being in the water. 🙂
anyway, logged in a 4 mile run today in about 40:45. it was a rough run and i had to get used to being back on the road, but my shins held up so i’m happy. a little tightness here and there but nothing a good stretch and foamroller session can’t fix.
i’m beat, but i have a spurs game to watch/listen to and a LOT of studying to do so until tomorrow…
c’mon spurs

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