i dont want to talk about it

2 miles on the treadmill… it started to get nicer around the time i started heading home from class, but it seems as though it wants to rain, if that makes any sense. so i opted for the treadmill, plus it’s right there along with every other machine i was going to use anyway… ugh.

5 combined minutes of planks. lifting circuit. that is all.

i want to get up tomorrow morning and run a few miles before i get the day started. no more treadmill for me. i remember saying this vaguely at the beginning of the year, and i thought things where going well; that machine truly hates me. fine by me. i won’t be needing it where i’m going anyway. its going to be great weather, and i’m pretty sure i’ll be back on the trails… i just can’t get away, i love it!

i’m going to have my fitness test sometime within the next month so i have to focus on getting my mile and half time down to anywhere between 11 minutes and 13 minutes. i forget the situp and pushup requirement… either way i haven’t done them ‘seriously’ since this time last year. so it will be interesting to say the least.

Dear 10 days left until vacation,
It would not hurt my feelings if you got here sooner.
All my love,

i dont want to talk about it

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