arriba peru carajo!!

i’ll get the nice and boring stuff out of the way. went ahead and successfully attempted the two tri bricks early this afternoon. keep in mind that when i say ‘successfully attempted’ it actually means i didn’t drown or fall off the bike. i actually surprised myself, and although it was tough i’m glad i did it. i had breakfast around 930 this morning, which consisted of a sole banana. i’m so used to just walking out the door without anything to eat at all, so when my workout started around 2 pm. needless to say that banana did not get me through much. note to self: don’t workout on an empty stomach, it will totally kicked me in the butt about 4 miles into the bike ride…

the swim went better than anticipated, i think i’m to the point where i can work on longer distances for stamina’s sake. i had a nice short break when i went to change into workout clothes, and hopped on the bike to start that workout. it started off well, but i hit a wall and it seemed as though all the energy was sucked out of me. i hate making excuses, so i now know that i need to eat better before a workout like this. i’m also guessing i was somewhat dehydrated from the pool being so warm and not drinking water all day. i thought i would never get to 12 miles on the bike, and when i finally did i couldn’t imagine running/walking/crawling a 5k afterwards.

with all this said, i feel as though i had a decent workout and i look forward to the ones in the future. so 750m swim and a 12 mile bike ride. i’ll take it.

after my workout my family and i decided that we were going to celebrate Mother’s Day a day early. in doing so, we went out to her favorite Peruvian restaurant and i have to say that it’s the second best meal i’ve ever had. i don’t know if it’s because the last thing i ate was that banana, but this place was absolutely exquisite tonight!! we go about once every few months, and i never have a complaint but tonight was absolutely amazing. i had an anticuchos appetizer, and tons of ceviche with sweet potato. if anyone is ever in cincinnati, and don’t mind trying new foods, i HIGHLY recommend “Sabor Peruano” – you won’t be disappointed!

as for tomorrow’s workout, that all depends on what mommy wants to do all day 🙂 maybe i can take her on a hike. i will try everything in my power not to turn it into a trail run.

arriba peru carajo!!

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