i LOVE gps systems. LOVE.

^ thought this was pretty funny. anyone who’s been through my hometown would probably agree that this should be posted at the entrance to the city… 😛

this trail was totally kicking my butt in every way. there were some killer hills [obviously] but they were fun and challenging. to my dismay, there wasn’t much mud or wildlife this time around – better luck next time!!anyway, about a mile in and i realized that i had no idea where i was. i came across these…

i knew immediately i was in trouble. the only railroad tracks i knew of were past downtown, and i know for sure that i wasn’t 20 miles away from my starting point. at this point in the run i was thrilled that i actually took the time to fidget around with my Garmin when i first purchased it. a few key strokes later and it told me i was truly an idiot and that i should turn around because my dumb ass doesn’t know how to navigate. so i trugded back through the trails and meandered my way back to the car. what originally started out as a 2 mile trail run ended up being a hellish 2.6 miles in about 28 minutes…

so after this i went to the gym and ran another quick mile, did some core work in addition to arms/shoulders/back.

good times. totally kicked my butt today – feels good 🙂

i LOVE gps systems. LOVE.

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