friday already?!

so this week came and went extremely fast! between the school, work and the random extracurriculars i have dedicated myself too, i imagine the next weeks are going to fly by. which is FINE by me. i have 20 days until vacation and i’ll do anything in my power to make them go by faster.
just did a quick 2 miles at 9:15 pace, core workout and some lifting at the gym today – nothing exciting really. i didnt have pain AT ALL either during or after my run. i would generally be super excited about this, and while i’m doing a little happy dance in my head, i also don’t want to jinx it…
the racing bug has bit me, and i have to fight every urge to not join every local 5 or 10k i see. right now i want to focus on getting better. i’ve grown accustomed to having some sort of training schedule; i find it odd but freeing to just go out and run without having a set distance or time… i’m forcing myself to keep it to 2 miles for the next few days at least, and work my way up from there.
as for the weekend, i don’t have a clue as to what it holds for me. i really would like to get in the pool sometime, as well as hit the trails up one more time. sunday will be a bittersweet day, knowing that i was supposed to be running the Pig and having my half-marathon debut. everything happens [or in this case, doesnt] for a reason. numerous things went wrong with training and it got to the point were the injuries led to mental fatigue, and i just shut myself off from enjoying running at all.
on a random, departing note… i found it pretty coincidental that this issue for RW highlights couples that met through running, or run together… and with that said, i would like to say hello to my wooooonderful boyfriend who probably didnt see this coming. he’s truly a driving force in my life; be it school, running, or just getting crap done in general – he’s there, by my side, and i couldnt ask for anything more. he’s truly the golden glove to my don mattingly 😉
hope everyone has a good weekend.

keep it real, see you guys tomorrow.
friday already?!

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