snow much?

dude my poor dog LOL here my teenie Midwest town, we’re tasked to get 10-12 inches of snow. great… i’m so thrilled. so to say the least, yeah this is some terrible weather. i hate snow/cold. in fact i was sent home from work early; and the first thing that came to my mind was “oh sweet, i can get my run in early!!!” i made the mistake of saying this out loud, but i figure my coworkers think i’m nuts anyway… minus End of the World dude, who is convinced that we’re going to have 3 days off next week as well… traffic was insane and it took well over an hour to get home. always a good time.

you know what though, i love running in weather like this. i love running the roads that no one else in my neighborhood is delirious enough to drive through, let alone run. i know i’m crazy but it gives me a renewed sense of dedication, knowing that i’m the only nutcase out there. testing my body (my mind, i have come to the conclusion, is beyond repair) in extreme elements like this make me wonder what else i’m truly capable of, and it often leaves me wondering why i haven’t done more.

with this said, i do believe i’m going to change up the workout, for the sake of not breaking a leg out in the snow. that would be my luck of course. i think i’m just gonna slap on the Yak Traks and have a solid run for however long until my body starts screaming in protest. should cars be on the road, avoiding them will prove to be not only entertaining but a feat as well.

for those of you lucky enough to have access to my MySpace/Facebook, i will be posting Denver pictures now as well.

what better way to spend a friday night at home, risking hypothermia and frostbite; and coming home to some cold beers, watching a movie, having a good foam roller session (trust me. this thing is uh-may-zing) and spending the entire night talking to those who matter the most to you. its the 2nd best thing i can think of to do tonight.

and yes, you can count on tonight’s recap sometime in the next 24 hours. until then, stay warm.

snow much?

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