back from denver :-(

ok, so i had the best time of my life. 🙂
thanks to all those involved.
it was an amazing time that i’ll never forget. 😛

back to training – i’ve been changing up the days that have been scheduled and what not, for the sake of time, more than anything. things have been going very well, and lo and behold my shins started acting up recently. i took semi-rest days, with one being a slow 45 minute loop around the neighborhood. another ‘rest’ day i hopped on the bike for a bit. i figured since i’m doing a sprint tri in June i should *probably* get back on one, since its literally been years… it felt awesome. i am my own worst enemy and am super hard on myself but, for cereal, i was impressed.

today was a totally different story, i’ve been nursing a headache all day and a mild fever. i still wanted to go out but was highly advised against doing so, so i stayed home for the first time in a long time 😦 because of this i have a pretty interesting weekend ahead of me that took some brainstorming to re-adjust. tomorrow will be a hard 20 minute tempo run. saturday will be an easy 45 to 60 minute run during the day, followed by some lifting, ab work and possibly some time in the pool. sunday is a race-sim 9 miles, 6 easy and 3 at goal pace +20/30 sec. my mileage should be around 25 miles for the week [lame i know]

should be updating sometime this weekend. i would say tomorrow but some of you goobers actually read this daily and then i get yelled at for not updating enough. anywaaay until then, latro.

back from denver :-(

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