finally got on a training plan for the Pig…

better late than never i suppose….

tuesday called for 5×800’s at a 10k pace.

i was planning on running this outdoors, on the track outside the local high school; but of course snow started coming down, ice started blanketing everything. knowing i had to get this workout in, i decided to go to an indoor track. i knew one loop was equivalent to about 1/16th [i know, right] of a mile, so i knew it was going to be enough of a task just keeping the numbers in check. my dumbass can barely remember where i put my keys half the time… one day in the fridge, in the dog food containers the next… i’m a mess.

well i finally get there and this place is packed. i’m talkin all 4 lanes chock full of walkers, joggers, and some annoyed runners who refuse to use treadmills [me]. to make things even better, there were 10 year olds having sprinting contests and flirting with one another; annoying as hell. so i got my speedwork in, i wasnt really happy with it. on top of all this commotion i had a real hard time getting loose and my legs were tight the entire time. nothing seemed to work like the usual ‘well oiled machine’ so to speak.

anyway, today called for either an off day or cross training. i opted for an off day; getting crap done around the house, laundry and of course going to class. i’m going to denver for the weekend so i had to get all that madness squared away… on a better note, my legs feel fine and i’m not all that sore.

tomorrow calls for an easy 45 minute run. i’m more than likely going to extend this out, possibly to an hour just to increase stamina. friday has a 4 mile tempo run scheduled with a mile warmup/cool down. i honestly have no idea where i’m going to fit this in since i’ll be traveling in the morning and attending to family matters the rest of the day. family matters, of course being hanging out with my older bro before his deployment and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. saturday also calls for a 8 mile run; i might just have to bite the bullet and run this hungover as hell.

oh sidebar – i wanna know if this happens to anyone else… since you started running do your feet/legs fall asleep faster than usual?? i noticed this more since i’ve been wearing combat boots so i’m thinking this has something to do with it… unfortunately i started seriously running a little over a year ago, the same time i was starting to wear the combat boots… anyway, any advice or whatever you wanna share go right ahead because i’m at a loss for this one.

all right i’m gonna get some sleep. more tomorrow.

finally got on a training plan for the Pig…

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