local park run

sooooooooo i FINALLY am able to update this thing. my dog ate my USB cord, literally, so i wanted to wait until i had pictures… anyway, here is a local park that i run through quite often. these pics were taken in early january, it was about 60 degrees and i was wearing shorts. as opposed to the 7 degrees and uber strong winds i put up with tonight. i dont get it.
anyway, running is going fine i guess… i should probably get on a training schedule for the Pig… heh… dont judge me!!
this weekend i’ve got a local, small 3K [yes… 3… k…] that i will be running; mainly for the free stuff that comes with. it’s geared more towards the ladies of the town, so its chock full of super sweet swag. full report on that friday night after i pick up my race packet.
other than that, i will be in denver for about 30 hours on february 29th. i would love to do a local 5k saturday morning [i leave 4 pm that afternoon]. i imagine its going to be complete punishment to my lungs, and that it wont be the smartest idea i’ve ever had, but it would be a 5k in denver nonetheless. i do believe a local Denver friend of mine is going to run this with me as well, although i dont know how i feel about being completely embarassed so i might fake an injury or something…
from here on out my calendar is littered with 5ks, 10ks, halves and sprint triathalon before the final full.
until tomorrow…
local park run

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