freaking dreadmills, i swear.

ok so two days ago it was colder than all get out out so i decided to hit up the gym. no biggie right, just hop on the treadmill for a few miles, lift some weights, and get some core workouts out of the way.

fast forward to the next day – my abs are sore as all heck [but in the good way], my shoulders hurt, my neck aches. bascically my entire body has just gone to crap. i chalk it up to using muscles i haven’t used in awhile so i decide that the next day i’m just going to take it slow, maybe make it an off day.

yesterday – ouch. yeah. off day.

today – woke up fine, and throughout the day had some soreness in my abs. its obviously been awhile since i’ve done a core workout… i hit the gym up again, this time with confidence and the mindset “oh yeah, this is going to be good. i worked out all the kinks and i should be good to go” so i hop on that treadmill. i dont know about you guys but i keep my numbers covered up with a magazine, so i dont get too engrossed into my workout. so i’m just watchin some tv, listening to music when my toes start going numb. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. ever. i change up my stride a little = nothing. after about a minute, i pause the dreadmill, untie my shoes a little, flex my toes and just move around a bit without too much strain on my feet. i get the feeling back and get back on the treadmill. about a mile later, this happens AGAIN. i also feel a blister forming on my right foot, and my shins are starting to tighten. consequently, and with much anger, i call it a day. i look at my numbers. 4 friggin miles. are you serious. i dont know if it was the odd combination of crap i was just dealing with on the run, but i thought i covered more than that. i couldnt get my pace or stride right, and everything was just outta whack.

i come home, make some tea and collapse on the couch. 20 minutes later i go to get up, and i swear there was someone popping popcorn in my body. my knees, ankles, hips – everything was popping and incredibly sore and tight. not good. if i’m feeling like this 30 minutes after a run… tomorrow is going to suck!

tomorrow will be a hardcore strech/yoga day, maybe take the bike out into the neighborhood.

this sounds terrible, but this entire event put me into such a sour mood. 4 miles. sounds so nancy.

until tomorrow.

freaking dreadmills, i swear.

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