Stupid, stupid, stupid.

workout :: timed 5k [8:32 pace]

We all have them. Runs that check you. They chew you up and spit you out, then spit on you before taking your shoes. Today I had one of those runs, where I thought a timed 5k would be a good idea. Ya know, on zero food with just as much water at high noon and crazy humidity.

Before I went on my run I took the Big Ass dog out on a quick mile around the neighborhood. Against my best efforts he took off like a bat out of hell, at right over 8 minute miles. Silly me, thinking he might want to do a lazy mile; slowing down a 90 pound dog is not easy when you’re trying to turn your legs over to a pace you never run.


Anyway, I dropped him back off at home and felt pumped enough to push myself. I got a mile in and immediately regretted my decision. From then on, I stopped about 5 times. While Nike+ calls it my ‘5k PR’, I most definitely won’t. I stopped too many times and the next time I try this I will definitely 1) prepare for it better 2) pace myself 3) stretch before/after because now things hurt that never have before. Whoops.

We went to a local farm yesterday for some produce and bought some amazing berries, so I came home and stole my daughter’s bowl. Damn right I added the whipped cream.


Until tomorrow. *sigh*

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7 thoughts on “Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  1. It happens… we learn from it. But it does sound like you have some new speed in your legs. Mmm, whipped cream.

  2. That happens to me every time I take my 2 pups for a walk/run. They take off really fast and then after less than a half mile I have to pull them:) Don’t they know how to pace themselves? Nice work getting out there:)

  3. I don’t take our dog Sky running, she pulls the leash and usually knocks my back out (I used to run a lot with her when she was younger, but, in this heat, with her massive coat she gets way too tired – we stick to walks together).

    Your dog is so cute and SO SO Big! Great that you got out there, even if it didn’t go as planned.

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