Running & a Flashback

Yes, blog posts two days in a row! Watch out, world!

Did the usual housewife stuff around here this morning. Our vacuum cleaner is making odd noises, like a squeaking kind of thing… I guess that is what will happen when you use it at least three times a week about three years?? I really don’t feel like buying a new one, maybe I’ll just pretend to not hear the squeak from here on out. I am also the worst at ‘diagnosing’ anything on machines, so until it starts smoking I am not worried.

Once the house was caught up, we loaded up for a run, which ironically took about 45 minutes. Getting a busy toddler changed and ready to strap into a stroller is harder than it sounds – even if it is for a 2 mile run. Anyway, we ran, and I didn’t notice that the tires were getting a little flat on the stroller, so I ran with way more effort than I should have. Some of us, however, had a far more relaxing time.


I was curious to see where my running was last year and imagine my surprise when I found this entry:


How cool is that!? I’ve officially been in Washington for a year. I do know that this particular run was at my sister in law’s house, and that we didn’t move into our house on post until the 6th of March. Anyway, I think that’s pretty darned exciting – lots has happened in this past year. Maybe if I scrounge up some time I’ll do a recap Smile


Yes I have fallen into the trap. Since these days consist of daydreaming about what a whirlwind our lives will become in a mere ten weeks, I thought I would get some room ideas over on Pinterest. Well… it turns out I kind of like this site. Not only does it distract me from the majority of people I don’t care about on Facebook, but I’ve actually come away with some pretty neat ideas. Here are a couple of things from my boards – feel free to follow me here. I am not the most interesting person on the planet, and I have found that I’m pinning more food recipes than anything else… but the staples are there, minus anorexic models, and extravagant things I’ll never get my hair to do.

My “For the House” Board :: I thought the whole magazine rack for produce was cute, and that the second and third signs were pretty clever Smile Instead of making the chevron curtains, I’d rather just buy them… I also know I have tins like these somewhere around here…



My “Crafts I Can Realistically Do” Board :: EMPTY. I have zero crafting patience ability.

My “K” Board :: I would seriously love this ‘zoo’ thing – but again, I’d rather just buy it for the right price. We have SO many stuffed animals… I really like that dress, and actually would attempt to make it. The glow paint idea is for future reference, and I really thought the toddler bed was cute.


My “Crafts I look at but will never be able to make” Board :: Self explanatory. Maybe, in a perfect world with tons of time and zero meddling toddler hands, I could do these.


My “Style” Board :: Um, another self explanatory one. Maybe once my days of “I can’t even pee alone” are over I can take the time to shop for stuff I actually like. I’m not saying that I don’t have any clothes whatsoever, but the blouses and nice jeans have been thrown into a box, and race shirts with capris have taken over. I seriously do need to start dressing better though. And not just for church.


My “Running” Board :: Nothing spectacular, just certain things I found motivating. I typically don’t draw much motivation from these kinds of things, but some did speak to me. I particularly like the Runner’s Prayer.


My “Food” Board :: Don’t judge me. This ranges anywhere from the devlish like making cake in a mug, or ‘mock’ lofthouse cookies to healthy things like quinoa bites and hummus.


My “Things that make me Giggle” Board :: I will be honest here and say that I spend just as much time in the ‘humor’ section of Pinterest than I do in the ‘food’ section. What can I say? I am a funny person who likes to eat.


My “Elephants” Board ::I won’t subject you to that. Smile

My “Yoga” Board :: Again, self explanatory. These are more so links to other things I’m curious about and pretty pictures of poses I probably won’t nail for a few more years.


My “W” Board :: Ironically, I started looking on Pinterest for ideas on what to do with a boy’s room, and have absolutely zero pinned onto his poor board. One day I’ll stop looking at recipes and funny memes to finally get down to business.

One Big Catch Up

Thanks so much for all of your comments on the last post!!! I have a post I’ve been working on for a couple of days now, but I’m not done with it just yet… of course it’s pregnancy related; more so about the emotional side of it and how I’ve come around in the past week or so. I know you guys are ready for some positivity around here!!

This past week has been insane. We were barely home; last Wednesday we were literally out of the house for about 12 hours. It was nuts, and the week flew by. Here are some snippets Smile 



For some reason, the past few days I’ve been craving chocolate hardcore… I tried to make it somewhat healthy and dip kiwis and mango bits in it, but then the next night I had a chocolate molten brownie thing. Divine.


We had our military ball this past weekend. As I was feverishly getting ready, I walked into the living room and saw my husband, napping. This is where being a chick is kind of annoying – we start getting ready about two hours ahead of time; only to see our husbands napping 30 minutes before we have to leave. Lucky ducks.


We went running!! I had a chance to take the Dieter dog, so I did. It was amazing, and I haven’t been able to run with him in years – it was a nice change of pace, for sure. dogrun

Can you tell I went running with a dog? So many starts and stops!! I didn’t mind – I wanted to take my time with it anyway, so the pauses for peeing/sniffing/pooping [for the dog] wasn’t as frustrating as it used to be.

My brother in law and his girlfriend were in town as well; naturally we had a load of fun. They also brought me some gluten free macaroni & cheese from Pikes Place, so I’m going to go enjoy that now along with watching some Oscars. See y’all in a few days. Smile