How to know if You’re a Running Mom

- You’ve given your Kid a GU packet from them to play with

- While running solo, you feel weird NOT pushing a running stroller

- Upon leaving your house for a run, you notice that an article of clothing is food stained… and you go out anyway

- You are not above using your Kid’s wipes to clean off after an impromptu bathroom stop

- You swear you have a laundry gnome that shrunk your running shirts

- Praying for your “feet to go back to normal” is a totally valid request

- Mysteriously, you are faster after pregnancy

- At first, you cringed at the thought of the No Exercise Rule, 6 weeks post-partum. Honestly, you were too sleep deprived to realize 6 weeks even flew by.

- You have an awake, energetic Kiddo in the stroller for 9 miles, only to have her fall asleep on the 5 minute drive home.

- You CURSE the wind, and the drag affect it has on the stroller

- Sneaking a Cheerio or 27 during a long run from your Kid’s snack bag is something you consider perfectly normal

- Moving to a new place gets you excited, and you look forward to scoping out new ‘running stroller friendly’ areas

- When running, sans kids, with other Moms, your kids are all you talk about. Husbands, don’t think you are off the hook…

- You have MAYBE used something along the lines of “It’s too *insert “extreme” weather situation here* for Kid to be out” to dodge a run in weather you don’t want to be out in

- You can get into an extensive, complex conversation with other running moms on whether the stroller helped or harmed your form

- When leaving for a solo run, you feel a twinge of guilt; but you quickly realize that running will make you a better mom [this is totally normal by the way, and YES, it will make you a better mom]

- You can whip up a Crock Pot recipe in no time, so that your family has dinner made while you’re out torturing yourself with hill repeats

- Long gone are the days where you could head out the door in 5 minutes; These days you need to make sure the sippy cup, diapers, wipes, blankies, books and snacks are all secure in the stroller before you go anywhere

- You hold conversations with your Kiddo during a run, even if they’re not able to talk back just yet

- Analyzing, researching, and buying the *perfect* running stroller started the day after you found out you were expecting

- You wonder what running with your Kiddo will be like, when they’re grown. Wondering about running with Grandkiddos is not a notion lost on you, either.

- You look at ladies like Paula Radcliffe, Kara Goucher, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and other famous marathoning  mommies in a totally different light

-  Thanking your husband for his support is something that you don’t do enough

- You won’t forget a running stroller essential for the Kiddo, but will realize you left your watch on the counter about 30 seconds before you get to your running destination

- During a stroller run, you look around and secretly pride yourself in pushing extra poundage via Kid and Kid Stuff. That is, until the biotch in the double stroller with 4 yr old twins effortlessly zooms by you…

- You no longer have time to run; you make time.

- You’ve mastered the art of changing a diaper to a squirmy toddler in any kind of space available to you, and you contemplate the challenge of doing blindfold

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